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Go Green With Your Junk Car

Did you know that junk cars are the number one recycled product in the United States? Over 85% of the material in automobiles is recyclable, from the bumpers to the tires.

Most people are sadly unaware of the hazards posed by junk or non-running vehicles. If they knew the risks, the vehicles would be removed much sooner from their properties and properly disposed of.

Old tires left lying around can leach harmful chemicals into the ground, and also pose as ‘ideal’ breeding facilities for mosquitoes. Besides being a nuisance mosquitoes can carry many harmful diseases, such as the West Nile Virus.

Between gasoline, antifreeze, oil, and transmission fluid an automobile contains between five and ten gallons of liquids. These fluids need to be drained and either recycled or disposed of as hazardous waste before the vehicle is crushed.

Most electrical switches in automobiles contain mercury. The switches must be disassembled and the mercury removed and sent for recycling. Automotive window glass must also be removed and sent to be recycled.

Batteries contain caustic acid as most of us know, and must be properly disposed of. However, they also contain significant amounts of lead that can be harmful if not disposed of properly.

The clutch and breaks contain asbestos that is very harmful to the lungs.

PCB’s lurk in the auto carpet, foam rubber and tires.

Heavy metal pollution in the forms of iron, copper, zinc, cadmium and aluminum is real and must be removed prior to crushing the shell.

Stone Junk Car Removal pays money for junk cars, and then goes to great lengths to not only follow the Environmental Protection Agency rules and regulations, but to exceed them.

Once you have sold a ‘Junker’ to Stone Junk Car Removal you can be assured that the vehicle will be properly disposed of, and that all components will be taken care of and put to good use. Our environmentally friendly process removes the need for worry about the dangers to the environment.

By recycling vehicles environmental danger is reduced, and the need to create new products from virgin materials is also greatly reduced. Recycling saves water, energy and other production wastes associated with mining for virgin material.

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